Probuilt has extensive in-house experience in providing property services as outlined in the following sections.

Property Development

Probuilt offers a wide range of Property Development services and can provide the complete process from purchasing land to building and developing high rise apartment buildings and everything in between.


In order to be successful, it is essential to have an experienced development team that understands the property, the market, economics, finance, town planning, the construction processes and the marketing of real estate projects.

Our Property Development services cover all stages of the development process:

  • Pre-Purchase

  • Negotiating contracts and purchasing

  • Town planning and development approvals

  • Drawings and documentation

  • Pre-Construction

  • Construction

  • Completion


Probuilt offers Leasing services to landlords and tenants for both residential and commercial properties. Lease agreements are one of the largest financial commitments for any tenant or business and it is important to understand your commitment. Our in-house team manages the leasing of a portfolio of properties across Australia.

Our services cover the entire Leasing process including the following key areas:

  • Obligations – Who is responsible for outgoing expenses (utilities, rates and taxes), maintenance, repairs and any obligations on vacating the premises such as painting and replacing flooring?

  • Improvements and Modifications – Can improvements be made to the premises, who owns the modifications and is the tenant responsible for returning the property to its original condition?

  • Restrictions:

    • Does the lease prohibit any of the tenant’s or businesses requirements, such as displaying signage?

    • Does the lease allow subletting to reduce costs, particularly if the tenant requires additional cashflow if the business is not successful?

  • Rent Reviews – Negotiate the start date and basis of calculation for any rent reviews.

  • Right of Assignment – Option of transferring the lease to another party if the tenant has to relocate or sell the business.

  • Exit Options – Notice requirements and penalties for termination.

Property Management

Probuilt offers Property Management services for different types of properties including both residential and commercial properties. Our in-house team manages a portfolio of properties across Australia.

Building Maintenance

Probuilt offers a range of Building Maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties. Our in-house team maintains a portfolio of properties across Australia.


Probuilt is very excited to offer our services into the Investment sector and our team is currently working on the nature of our services in this sector.

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